How to heal patterns of family dysfunction. Workbook by Whitney Goodman, LMFT @sitwithwhit for Calling Home.

The Healing Family Patterns Workbook


You can't control the family you were born into, but you can create the family that you want.

the healing family patterns workbook at calling home by Whitney goodman lmft

The perfect family doesn't exist, but some family dysfunction impacts us so deeply that it continues to show up in our lives.

This workbook is perfect for:

  • Adults who have or want their own family and want to transform old patterns.
  • People who want to understand how their family impacted them.
  • People who want to learn about family dysfunction and how patterns are maintained.

It is a 37-page downloadable workbook with:

  • 14 interactive worksheets
  • Information on how family dysfunction happens and how to begin healing old patterns
  • Affirmations for people who experienced family dysfunction
  • Academic sources list
  • Recommended reading list

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