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Emotions 101: What You Didn't Learn in School

Join the Family Cyclebreakers Club and get access to Emotions 101, a self-paced online course about emotions.

This course includes audio and text slides + videos with Whitney, an academic source list, recommended reading, and 30 worksheets.

Effectively managing your emotions is the key to a productive and meaningful life.

In this course, Whitney will teach you everything you wish your parents and teachers taught you about emotional wellness.

Calling Home: emotions 101 course

This Course Is For You If You Want To:

  • Improve your productivity
  • Have better relationships
  • Understand your Emotions
  • Spend less time hurting and more time living
  • Increase your empathy
  • Stop being controlled by your emotions

Use your emotions to make you more productive, empathetic, and resilient.

Join and get access to the Emotions 101 Course (a $300 value!) + weekly groups and worksheets, articles, videos, scripts + book recommendations, therapy guides, and more.

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emotions 101 course with whitney goodman at calling home. everything you need to know about emotions and feelings

This Self-Paced, 4 Module Course Will Teach You:

  • The difference between emotions and feelings (did you know they’re different?)
  • How emotions are formed
  • What’s going on in your mind and body when you experience an emotion
  • Emotional suppression (that thing we do when we drink and binge watch Netflix)
  • The risks of feeling too much, too soon
  • Exactly how to feel your emotions - step by step
  • How to express your emotions (at home, at work, and by yourself)
  • How to identify your emotional support people
  • How to cope when things get hard
  • How to use your emotions to make you more productive, empathetic, and resilient
  • What to do when those therapist-recommended coping skills aren’t working (it happens)