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The support, tools, and community you need to untangle your family.

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It’s never too late to help your family.

Parenting used to be different. Now your adult child is using words like boundaries and gaslighting. You don’t remember the past like they do. You tried to be a good parent. You’re certain you did your best.

Am I a bad parent? Do other parents have these issues with their children? My parents would have never allowed me to speak to them this way.

There’s no denying it; times have changed. Social media is filled with content about childhood trauma, therapy is no longer taboo, and adults are searching their childhood histories for the answer to one question: Why am I the way I am?

This has left many parents struggling in a world they don’t understand. We get it – and we’re here to help.

It’s never too late to reflect, rebuild, and reconnect with your family.

How Does Calling Home Work?

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Three Ways To Help Your Family

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Calling Home Will Help You

Learn how to communicate with your adult child and improve your relationshipFeel less alone and connect with other adults who know it’s never too late to improve their family relationshipsHeal your own childhood wounds and be more present with your family
Reflect on your family’s past without guilt or shameNavigate the march of time as your family grows, changes, and experiences new challengesRe-think things you’ve been thinking about your family your whole life and see your family from a new perspective
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Review From Readers

"I really appreciate your always balanced perspective that, while challenging for those predisposed to black and white thinking, is actually very important and healing. Family estrangement is a topic that is difficult to find resources on and such a painful challenge to navigate."

"I’m in a place where I need to address long-standing family rifts and ruptures and accept that there is limited chance of any familial reconciliation - you help me to feel compassion toward myself because they show me that things aren’t this way because I deserve them to be."

"I have been following you for a while and like your approach and style to therapy. I'm a 60-year-old woman who went thru a very difficult, dysfunctional, family life. After picking up some of that same dysfunctional behavior, I have been trying to change and become better since my 30's. I have 3 adult daughters whom I would like to have a closer, more meaningful relationship with."

"So far this is one of the only avenues I have found that resonates with me. My daughter is estranged from her father, and I have watched her try and work through how to forgive herself when in fact, he was wrong."

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Meet The Founder

Whitney Goodman is a licensed marriage and family therapist, author, and mother who is transforming the way we approach adult family relationships.

She is the creator of the Instagram account @sitwithwhit, the author of Toxic Positivity, and the owner of a private online therapy practice in Florida. Whitney earned her undergraduate degree at Tulane University and a graduate degree in Counseling Psychology from The University of Miami. She has additional training and certifications in working with couples, families, trauma, and clients who have been diagnosed with chronic illness. Whitney has her own column in Psychology Today and has been featured in dozens of domestic and international publications, including The New York Times, Teen Vogue, NY Magazine, Instyle, and Good Morning America.

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We’re On A Mission To Help Families

Some families need more than knowledge to thrive. Every quarter, Calling Home will donate to an organization, group, or person who is truly making a difference for families in their community.

We are committed to helping families access:

  • safe housing
  • reliable childcare
  • nutritious food
  • healthcare and medical services
  • clothing
  • transportation