Only healthy grandparent relationships are important for kids.

Only healthy grandparent relationships are important for kids.

Members of the Family Cyclebreakers Club will work with Whitney Goodman, LMFT, on how to identify healthy grandparent relationships, how to set boundaries, and how to grieve the loss of a healthy grandparent in your child's life.

They will have exclusive access to six support groups and new weekly content every Monday. Join the Family Cyclebreakers Club for one year for less than the price of one therapy session.

Grandchildren are not a "do-over" for parents of adult children.

When a grandparent finds the capacity to show up in ways they couldn’t for you as a child, without taking accountability for the past, you are left with a highly complex type of grief.

You're happy your child is getting this version of your parent, and you're grieving the fact that you were subjected to entirely different conditions.

This isn’t about you being “jealous” of your child or competing with them. It is a deeply complex mix of emotions. You are likely experiencing a unique mixture of grief, fear, gratitude, and confusion.

difficult grandparent relationships at calling home

You will learn how to:

  • create healthy relationships with grandparents
  • identify healthy v. unhealthy grandparent relationships
  • respond to unsolicited advice
  • grieve the loss of a healthy parent but accept a healthy grandparent
  • tell your child they cannot see their grandparent
  • discuss differences in parenting style

Everything You Need To Work Through Difficult Grandparent Relationships

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